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Call Centre Solutions

We redefine the manner in which a conventional call centre operates with the effective use of VoIP as well as cloud technologies. Our customers enjoy the best of both worlds, all advanced features of a modern call centre and the traditional touch for a price much lower than the standard call centres.

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The Adorable!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This one is perhaps the most wanted call centre services due to its unbeatable friendly nature. With our IVR, your customers are greeted on your contact phone number with a professional and amicable welcome message. Obviously, this message is recorded. They are then given simple options for getting routed.

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The Modern!

Audio Conference Network

Our audio conference network is the platform where the state of the art meets an adorable quality of voice. It features a cloud setup that is fully free of maintenance and facilitates on-demand dial-in or dial-out conferencing services that are quick to connect, scalable, reliable, and flexible.

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Best Places to Visit In Malaysia

Malaysia is emerged as a best travel destination for many people around the world. Malaysia is well known for the prestigious beaches that is found in enormous number. Tourists are attracted to Malaysia by the diverse culture and landscape that the beautiful country has to offer.

Malaysia is a land that is been indulged with the tropical rain forests, blessed with the nature and filled with many adventures. The tropical climate of the country makes way for numerous floral wealth which makes Malaysia has a paradise to many of the nature lovers. The group of islands packed with the coral reefs makes the Malaysia to be a perfect place for adventures like scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling.

Kuala Lumpur is the first place that all the visitors will head into as soon as they land in the  airport. This bustling city is the capital city of Malaysia, the night life here will be amazing it has got many adventurous activities as well as sight seeing places. The major attraction of KL is Petronas Twin Tower, the view from the sky bridge which connects the two towers will be picturesque. To know the history and culture of Malaysia, one should visit Melaka. It is featured as World Heritage Site, this city attracts many visitors for its architecture, food and the night market.

Genting Highland is located few kilometers away from the capital city. The world class resort called Resort World Genting is situated at the peak of the hill, the weather here is cooler when compared to any other cities in Malaysia. It has got theme parks, a gaming spot and many hotels, restaurants and shops.

The main reason why it sees lot many visitors is just because of the wide variety of entertainment available at Genting. The gaming club has 3000 games with an option to play at online websites. Many tourists play the online games provided by w138 review which is a popular website which many of the visitors make use of it during their trip to Malaysia.

George Town is a top place to visit in Malaysia. George Town is an open museum which boosts the colonial district with many old churches, British buildings and forts. Walk through the roads and you can see the traditional shops each having their own design and style. Not only these, there are yet more places which has got its own charm in adding the beautiful memory to your trip.

Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore is one of those nations that is much more advanced when it comes to tourism and industrialization. You can know about this by reading a Universal Studios Singapore Review as an example. Apart from this facility, there are several other tourist attractions that attract tourists across the world towards it. The Universal Studios was opened for the public on March 18, 2010. It has been constructed by a firm called Genting. The construction of this park has been in the news since a long time.

Universal Studios Singapore review will let you know about the vital facts about this theme park. It is one of the important construction facilities that is a part of the Resorts World Sentosa, a family resort meant for locals as well as tourists visiting the place.

The objective behind its construction is to provide best recreational facilities for those who visit Singapore as part of the summer vacations or general tour. It is the first theme park of Universal Studios existing in Southeast Asia. The location has been divided on the basis of a super hit movie or most successfully running television shows.

Whenever you visit Singapore, make sure that you tour this famous family resort. Any of the Universal Studios Singapore review will provide you with valuable details like the center of attractions at this resort besides character appearances of world-famous characters and provision to dine and shop. You can also win the ticket for free and enjoy exclusive privilege in the park by participating in online contest at . This park is noteworthy for the presence of the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster. On the entertainment front, you can look forward to the performances of Universal Monsters. This is organized as part of Monster Rock, an electrifying music show.

Go through a Universal Studios Singapore review to know about the collection of Dreamworks as well. There are dedicated zones on the lines of Shrek that will leave you in a state of amazement for sure. There is also a Walk of Fame conducted that is in accordance to Hollywood Boulevard. The entire park contains instances of features like these. The toys, articles and accessories of Universal Studios can be observed here in great detail. People who are fond of sweets can have moments of merry as there is store in the form of Superstar Candies that sell a variety of sweets like candy floss to people who tour the park. Touring this park will leave a lasting impression in you mind that will make you to visit Singapore again and again

Keep Your Trip Safe

Irrespective of which country, you are traveling, you need to understand the basic to keep your trip safe and Singapore is also no exception. We will look into few aspects of safety, while traveling in Singapore.

  • Updated Information
    Update information constantly from government agencies, read local newspapers in the destination. If any warning, notice and planning trips. Check source of information based on fact, over the agenda, get information from many different sources. Using the media reliably.
  • Deductive
    The rating is based on real problems. Applying the reasoning skills, consider all aspects – their strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate what is and what lost. The possibility of the most common problems is not large, but many people with psychological anxiety dominates the decision.
  • While you’re ready to go, friends can be canceled any planned because the risks might occur. Let’s assess the situation and live with your traveling dreams.
  • Take Extra Care when Visiting Nightclub or Sentosa
    It is quite obvious to visit Sentosa when you are in Singapore to play sportsbook; you need to take little precaution to avoid any incident to happen.
  • Believe in your own intuition
    Trust your feelings, intuition and make sure it is real. Considering the situation, listen to the opinions of others. If you feel nervous, do not go. If you see feel okay, not affected by the fear of others, be confident on the road.
  • Be careful
    Please select destinations are places where you feel comfortable. If the place is not suitable for the upcoming women or minors, no embassy, or are at high alert, you do not feel good when you go to it, choose another location.
  • Be careful when traveling
    Stay in touch with everyone. Bring the phone can call internationally, using the app to send free messages. Use of medical services and other assistance. To embassies, consulates to present if staying in unsafe areas.
    Respect local customs. Avoid large groups or subjects aimed at tourists. Dress discreet, polite, do not wear jewelry, even fake. Selecting the local bodies, instead of international organizations.
  • Not so adventurous, always be careful, know how to escape, locking the door carefully, wary of pickpockets. Do not go out at night on deserted roads. No taxis not licensed. Just bring a little cash, and the rest use a credit card. Bring a photo copy of passport and credit card.
  • Prepare the other options: If the situation is not as expected changes, you will have alternatives.
  • Be flexible and be a wise traveler in every trip.